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Whole Body Vibration is the exercise secret used by Olympic athletes, and Astronauts for more than 60 years. This amazing technology has taken a giant leap forward through evolution, and is now powered by VibraSonic/sound waves. The positive efects are much more powerful than the outdated mechanical WBV versions. Introducing the 2014 Sonix Whole Body Vibration exercise machines – with innovations far exceeding the original 2010 design. VibraSonic uses sound vibrations to stimulate the nearly 100 trillion cells in the body simultaneously! The result – 4D Transformation – mind/body/spirit/emotions! The VibraSonic is relaxing, rejuvenating and stress relieving.

What 10 Short Min. can do for You!

Just 10 minutes of focused VibraSonic provides the same benefits as 1 hour of cardiovascular exercise, or 90 minutes of Qigong or Tai Chi! VibraSonic is the perfect No-Sweat workout! Finally you can easily fit daily exercise into a busy lifestyle! Sonix WBV exercise is a passive, low-impact workout that is a perfect alternative for those with balance and mobility issues, the aging, athletes, and for people who experience pain with exercise. Daily exercise is key to creating a strong healthy body, losing weight, looking great and feeling terrific.

Software that’s Powerful Music for Your Cells!

Cell Tunes & Tru-Resonance Pro V4.1.0 We also have two amazing sound frequency generator software programs available for you to chose from. These go on your PC and run through the VibraSonic, greatly enhancing your Sonic Resonance Training experience. This software contains 80 years worth of research, and is considered Powerful Music for Cellular Rejuvenation. Programs include Chakra Balancing, Ancient Tones, Tri-Lateral Balanced Sine Waves, and a sound frequency generator with numerous presets for many chronic daily issues. Sound frequencies can return the entire energy field to a state of Harmonic Resonance – exactly what we need to promote vitality, fitness and wellness. Fatigue, insomnia, aches, pains, the “blues” and more will ease with regular use of the VibraSonic exercise system. These frequencies will enhance release of toxins and weight from the body, and help relieve stress and insomnia.

There are two programs for you to chose from:
1. Cell Tunes
2. Tru Resonance Professional

A qualifed consultant is available to help you determine which software will best suit your needs.

From Athletes to Seniors

Athletes, the VibraSonic helps shorten recovery, releases lactic acid build up in your muscles, helps reduce body fat, and improves your training results. The VibraSonic helps you tighten, tone, and loose stubborn fat, improving the results of those participating in weight reduction programs. This is a great, all-ages exercise solution from Corporate America to active Seniors! It only takes 10 minutes of your time and fits conveniently into the busy American lifestyle. VibraSonic is an excellent exercise alternative for those who experience pain with exercise, have balance and mobility issues, or are disabled. The US Surgeon General stated that “For those who cannot engage in regular physical activity due to disability, mechanical stimulation of the skeleton might prove beneficial.
Recent, small studies found that use of vibrating platforms increased BMD (Bone Mass Density) and slowed bone loss.”

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Lymphatic Stimulation with Sonix Whole Body Vibration, Passive Exercise (PE)

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With every beat of the heart, subtle vibrations are sent through the body, the movement stimulating a higher degree of circulation and a higher level of overall health. Because this movement is conducive to achieving a healthier circulatory system, among others, it has been recreated throughout the cultures and ages of history in an attempt to heal illnesses and improve the overall quality of life. A practice that has been utilized for thousands of years, vibration exercise is said to amplify the effects of the vibrations made each time the heart beats. These vibrations produce a level of blood flow that is uninterrupted, allowing oxygen and other important substances to circulate freely. By constantly pumping blood through the many systems of the body, the modern vibration exercise machine also promotes the drainage of the lymphatic system, which acts as a network of pipes that pushes toxins out of the body.

Moving the various fluids of the body requires power, which is only achieved through muscle contractions (such as the contraction of the heart when it pumps). The vibrations created by a vibration exercise machine create small muscular contractions. This forces the fluids through the body in a way that is efficient, constant, and gentle enough not to cause any harm while being forceful enough to discard toxins and other potentially dangerous buildup.

Individuals that cannot get rid of their toxins are more prone to illness and do not feel as healthy as those whose lymphatic systems are capable of draining regularly. Exercise is certainly one way to achieve a high level of lymphatic draining, but not everyone has the ability (either physically or practically) to indulge in a great deal of physical activity. For this reason, whole body vibration, facilitated by a machine, is able to help combat the effects of a sedentary lifestyle and rid the body of the toxins that it has stored. This being said, individuals that don’t have time for extensive exercise can greatly benefit from whole body vibration.

In addition to acting as a catalyst for lymphatic drainage, a vibration exercise machine also sparks the activity of the lymph nodes, which are key components of the immune system. Therefore, the movement allows individuals to both rid their bodies of toxins that they already possess and prevent them from contracting illnesses from new ones.

Another benefit, which many individuals enjoy, is weight loss. Though the loss is not drastic, using a vibration exercise machine allows the lymphatic system to push stored fats out of the body, resulting in a healthier, leaner figure. This smaller figure can also be attributed to the decrease in cortisol, which is a known agent of belly fat, due to an increase in serotonin.

The benefits of vibration exercise, particularly to the lymphatic system, have been enjoyed by people from several cultures over thousands of years. Modern medicine will most likely continue to study this technique and analyze its many effects on the body, but as the research is conducted individuals will continue to utilize the therapy and take advantage of their healthier circulatory and lymphatic systems.

About the author: Alex Malinsky aka Raw Guru is an award winning chef and one of the leading experts in the field of raw food. He started to learn about raw foods at the early at of 15. After 10 years on the raw food diet he continues to be on the cutting edge of nutritional research and product development. Visit Alex’s website at: for more information.

The Problem, stagnant Lymphatic fluids

The Solution is Sonix Fitness WBV PE
Lymphatic Stimulation with Sonix Fitness Whole Body Vibration Passive Exercise (PE)
. Another major cause of poor health, fatigue, depression, and weight-gain is the accumulation of toxins due to the stagnation of lymphatic and other body fluids. Unlike changing the oil in our cars, we cannot remove dirty, stagnant fluids in our body and replace them. Rather than replacing our fluids, we must stimulate circulation to facilitate detoxification and enhance the flow of energy throughout our bodies.
 As fluids circulate through our bodies, they remove toxins and other wastes. VibraSonic is one of the most effective ways to stimulate both lymphatic movement and detoxification.


Sonix Fitness Whole Body Vibration Passive Exercise (PE): The Sonix Fitness Whole Body Vibration, Passive Exercise machine provides the means to exercise nearly one hundred trillion cells in your body simultaneously through sonic vibration, achieving a similar response in ten minutes that you would get from doing an hour of cardiovascular exercise! This is the Ultimate No Sweat Workout! It makes you look and feel better, and saves you time!

The Sonix Fitness WBV PE machine has an incredible audio speaker in the base that has a frequency range of 0.1 – 100,000 Hz! You can even plug in your iPod, Mp3, or your PC. To enhance your passive exercise experience, now available to you is a Sonic World Millennium expanded sound frequency generator software. This creates what I call Music for Your Cells and Body — enhancing your whole body vibration experience like never before!

Vibragenix VibraSonic is leading edge, Next Generation whole body vibration technology! Exercise Science has reached a new pinnacle, advancing far beyond any previous standards.

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