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My name is Caroline Stites, and one of my greatest passions centers around the highly effective VibraSonic System. VibraSonic combined with our exclusively customized enhanced frequency software, Sonic World Millennium, is the most comprehensive health, wellness and fitness solution that I have personally used.  The effectiveness of this scientifically advanced frequency system is unparalleled.  I am so grateful that you have come to visit and learn on my web sites! Thank you so much for your time and interest in VibraSonic! My official web sites are and – and the New VibraSonic is only available here. (Be aware: some companies are misusing my creative video efforts and my name)

I am so excited to announce the arrival of the completely redesigned VibraSonic – the best Whole Body Vibration devise of the 21st Century! As my gift to you, your purchase includes revised and customized amazing, Cell Tunes software, for free! This is a $199 value – and my way of Thanking You for your support, by providing you with a powerful way to enhance your Sonic Whole Body Vibration Experience!

I want focus on three areas of interest –

  1. Clearing up any confusion, by comparing sonic technologies and machines.

  2. Focusing on three Radical Advances in the New VibraSonic.

  3. Making the business of buying and owning a VibraSonic easy for you!

We all know that technology tends to evolve at light speed, and with the Sonic Whole Body Vibration Machines, this is exactly what has happened. Let’s break down the differences between Sonic Whole Body Vibration technology for you.

The Sonix 1 was a redesign of the first and only other Sonic WBV in the world, the Turbosonic (TS). While the new Sonix 1 design had better ventilation with four internal fans, and some different and redesigned components, both Sonix and TS were utilizing outdated Analog technology. However, the vibration of the two brands of machines was identical, as they both utilized Sound wave technology.

The Sonix 2 incorporated the innovation of an infrared sensor system – so if you stepped off the machine, it would automatically shut down. This provided additional safety, and was meant to improve both the durability and longevity of the machine.

By far, the Grand innovations have arrived with theVibraSonic! This is a total redesign of any prior Sonic/sound WBV technology. The latest generation VibraSonic incorporates totally digital microprocessor technology! This means it does Not produce heat and it eliminates the need for multiple cooling fans!

Do you remember the size of the first computers? Now think for a moment how much they have advanced, how much smaller the internal components are, and how much faster and better they have become. That analogy correlates with what has happened with the VibraSonic technology. If you look inside this machine and compare it to the Sonix 1 or 2, it looks like you’ve been robbed! Digital Microprocessor technology eliminated the need for multiple, bulky analog circuit boards and massive amounts of connectors. The VibraSonic machine is lighter, and easier to assemble and move. It is quiet, non-heat producing, has an upgraded control panel and software to self-calibrate the machine. This is the best Sonic technology I have ever seen, and the Next Generation of Sonic Whole Body Vibration!

Buyers beware – the Sonix 1, 2 and 3 look the same on the outside – but the VibraSonic is Completely redesigned on the inside! Whole Body Vibration Solutions and Sonic World US sell only the newest digital technology, the VibraSonic.

Owning a VibraSonic with frequency enhancing Sonic World Millennium software is easier than ever! You will receive the support and training that you need, and everything will be shipped to your door with ease!  This the optimal time to buy the most cutting edge sonic whole body vibration machine available in the world today! Don’t delay – we are waiting for your call!

Blessing to you, and thank you for your time and interest in this amazing technology!

Caroline Stites, Owner

WBV Exercise and the US Surgeon General Vibrational News we have all been waiting for.

After nearly 50 years of studies, the US Surgeon General is recognizing the positive effects of Whole Body Vibration!

WBV Exercise and the US Surgeon General Vibrational News we have all been waiting for. After nearly 50 years of studies, the US Surgeon General is recognizing the positive effects of Whole Body Vibration! This is a giant step in the right direction. Even though this has been very slow to come, but I am both exited and relieved that this moment is finally here.

Vice Admiral Regina M Benjamin MD MBA
US Surgeon General

From the Office of the US Surgeon General: “Weight-bearing, strength, and balance-training exercises are also an important part of any osteoporosis prevention and treatment program, regardless of age. They can help increase or preserve bone mass and may also help reduce the risk of falling. As discussed in Chapter 6, all types of physical activity can contribute to bone health. Activities that are weight bearing or involve impact are most useful for increasing or maintaining bone mass. Activities that are not weight bearing or are low impact may help improve balance and coordination and maintain muscle mass, which can help prevent falls. For those who cannot engage in regular physical activity due to disability, mechanical stimulation of the skeleton might prove beneficial. Recent, small studies found that use of vibrating platforms increased BMD and slowed bone loss (Rubin 2004 et al., Verschueren et al. 2004, Ward et al. 2004). This may provide another way to reduce fracture risk both in the elderly and in younger individuals with disabling conditions that limit their ability to exercise.”