Sonic vs Mechanical WBV

The Safety and Efficacy of Sonic Whole Body Vibration vs. Mechanical WBV

When it comes to WBV exercise machines, there are about 70 brands made today, but only two use Sonic or sound actuated technology.  Mechanical machines are inexpensive to manufacture, but only do a fraction of what sound/sonic WBV can do for you. Maximum effectiveness with mechanical devices is only within 2 feet of the plate.  In addition, because of the harsh jarring effect of mechanical action, you are dealing with the induction of a stress response in the body, including stress hormones. This is something not found with sonic waves which produce harmonic resonance.  

Vibrating the cells is Not the same as getting them to vibrate back.

It is a very important distinction to know that simply mechanically vibrating the cells is not the same as increasing cellular vitality and voltage.  With Sonic WBV, the cells vibrate in response to the electromagnetic and sonic/sound wave stimulation, which increases the electrical potential or voltage of the cell.  This is not to be confused with the mechanical technology that simply shakes the body and its cells.

From the standpoint of Physics, sound travels through the space within our atoms, infinitely better than the mechanical vibration that results from standing on a plate with some type of hammering motor under it.  The effectiveness on overall health and fitness with Sonic technology is profound when compared with its mechanical ancestors and competitors.  

To be both fair and clear, there are some effects with the stress-induced response of the less expensive Mechanical WBV machines with regard to bone deposition, muscle strengthening, and an increase in circulation.  However, remember that this is primarily limited to within two feet of the base plate, so will only effect the lower part of your body.  You cannot play music, or other sound frequencies through any of the mechanical machines – and that is the magical component, greatly expanding the capability of the Sonix fitness equipment.  

Mechanical vibration cannot increase cell voltage or induce a natural healing response in the body.  In blood samples taken before and after 10 of Mechanical WBV – there is No change in the sample, and the cells remain clumped and dysfunctional.  It took 60 years of mechanical WBV before it evolved to the development of Sonic WBV.  There is no comparison in overall effectiveness – hands down, Sonic WBV far exceeds the harsh jarring effects of mechanical vibration.  Sonic/sound vibration is immensely safer as well – just imagine standing on top of an incredible speaker with powerful, with wonderful sound frequencies pouring through it – as opposed to standing on top of a plate with a small jack-hammer underneath it…. which do you think would be better for the body?