Why Whole Body Vibration Solutions?

Fitness for all ages – Wellness for a lifetime
Natural Health Goes High Tech!
WBV is the exercise secret used by Olympic athletes, and Astronauts for more than 60 years. This amazing technology has taken a giant leap forward through evolution, and is now powered by Sonic/Sound. The positive effects are much more powerful than the outdated mechanical WBV versions.

Introducing the VibraSonic Whole Body Vibration Exercise Machine – with innovations far exceeding the 2010 and 2011 original design! VibraSonic uses sound vibrations to stimulate the nearly 100 trillion cells in the body simultaneously! The result – 4D Transformation – mind/body/spirit/emotions!  The VibraSonic is relaxing, rejuvenating and stress relieving.

What 10 Short Min. can do for You!
Just 10 minutes of focused sonic vibration provides the same benefits as 1 hour of cardiovascular exercise, or 90 minutes of Qigong or Tai Chi! Sonic Whole Body Vibration is the perfect No-Sweat workout! Finally you can easily fit daily exercise into a busy lifestyle! Digital Sonic Whole Body Vibration exercise is passive, low impact exercise that is a perfect alternative those with balance and mobility issues, the aging, athletes, and for those who experience pain with exercise. Daily exercise is key to creating a strong healthy body, losing weight, looking great and feeling terrific.

VibraSonic Enhanced – SWM Software!

An additional sound frequency generator software program is available for expanded frequency capability with the Digital Sonix3 system. Programs include Chakra Balancing, Ancient Tones, Binaural Beats, and a sound frequency generator with 80 programed Presets, and many more to chose from. Sound frequencies can return the entire energy field  to a state of Harmonic Resonance – exactly what our body’s need for Vitality, Fitness and Wellness.  Fatigue, depression, aches and pains and chronic nagging issues will ease – all due to the gift of exercise!

Athletes, the VibraSonic system helps shorten recovery, releases lactic acid build up in your muscles, increases stamina, balance, endurance coordination, and improves your training results.  The Digital VibraSonic system helps you tighten, tone, and loose stubborn fat, improving the results of those participating in weight reduction programs. This is a great all ages exercise solution from Corporate America to active Seniors! It only takes 10 minutes of your time and fits conveniently into the busy American lifestyle. Digital VibraSonic system Whole Body Vibration is an excellent exercise alternative for those who experience pain with exercise, have balance and mobility issues, or are disabled.

The US Surgeon General has even released a statement advocating Whole Body Vibration as a viable alternative for those in this group who experience exercise challenges.

Includes the upgraded SWM software package, regularly priced at $495.00.
You save over $2,000 on the NEW VibraSonic whole body vibration system.
This Third-generation VibraSonic machine now offers an infrared sensor system that automatically shuts down the machine:

VibraSonic Fitness Whole Body Vibration PE machine, 10 min to Fitness – 10 min to Health!
The Return to Harmonic Resonance, made possible with High Tech Sonic Technology,
and providing the opportunity for 4D Transformation-mental/physical/emotional/spiritual
Great rates on leasing and financing now available!
Nothing down, 90 days deferred, $1 buy out at the end of term. (o.c.a.)

My name is Caroline Stites, (ND, MS) – and I am here to take you on a journey of Effortless Health Transformation – by using State-of-the-Art VibraSonic Fitness – PASSIVE EXERCISE (PE), in your daily life.  My intention is to hold up a new lens for you to look through, so that you can learn and experience a new perspective about the creation of great health with efficient, effortless exercise that will permanently transform your life.  Most of us already know we should exercise, but many of us are too fatigued, depressed, sick, overwhelmed, busy, or in too much pain to get it done.  Sonic Whole Body Vibration (WBV) is the PE solution the world has been waiting for.  With 68% of Americans leading sedentary lifestyles, and exercise being a key to fitness and vitality, a solution had to be found to solve this problem.

The VibraSonic Whole Body Vibration Exercise machine provides a passive, 10 minute, full body workout – the perfect solution for busy parents and executives, seniors, the disabled, and those that experience pain and fatigue with active exercise! It is also great for fitness enthusiasts and athletes, increasing training results, and decreasing recovery time.